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Rated by CNN, Octane, and Top Gear as “the world’s greatest automotive museum” the Petersen Automotive Museum has always been an amazing setting for glamorous celebrations. But, after its 2015 total transformation inside and out, with four floors of venue space, it’s become a positively astounding place for weddings, as well as corporate parties, conferences, product launches, and more.

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Artistry Floor 

The 1st floor is dedicated to the ARTISTRY of cars, as inspiration and as a canvas for artistic expression. One of this floor’s key attributes is a 168-foot wall, where you can project event-enhancing images such as a sunset, starry night sky, or personal photos. Built in floor amenities include restrooms and elevators in the center of the floor, the prime event space is located near our loading dock for easy load in and load out. This floor is also home to the Hammer Gallery, featuring the most beautifully artistically painted cars in the world, you can also enjoy our Grand Concourse walk way which takes you from our main garage entry all the way out to Wilshire Blvd. Ceiling heights on this floor are 15ft. 

Mullin Gallery

13,315 sqft

350 standing

300 seated

Hammer Gallery


100 standing

150 theatre

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The second floor focuses on the INDUSTRY of the automobile, examining the many nuances of technology, design and function that comprise the production of a motor vehicle. Built in floor amenities include restrooms and elevators in the center of the floor, you have a convenient exit way to the parking lot to load in and out. This floor is also home to the Forza Experience room, you can rent out this room for your guest as an added cost, next to the Forza room your guest can indulge in the Motorsports Gallery an experience that submerses you into a day at the races through a 180 degree projection view. On this Floor you can also see the following exhibits: Maserati, Alternate Fuels, Petersen History, Customization, Art Center, Industry Professionals, Mortorcycles, and our Pixar room.

Meyer Gallery

8,930 sqft

300 standing

300 seated

Combined Galleries


350 standing

Seating N/A

Simulator Gallery


30 standing

10 simulators

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The third floor of the museum is the HISTORY floor, dedicated to the long relationship between automobiles and drivers, and the ways we have re-imagined the car to suit our needs and desires. Built in floor amenities include restrooms and elevators in the center of the floor. This floor is home to the vast Perspectives Gallery, a broad look at automotive history from its inception, as well as the popular Hollywood Gallery, home to some of the most iconic vehicles from film and television. The HISTORY floor also displays artwork of car design concepts from the past, as well as a replication of the Western Avenue mural depicting Los Angeles’ most famous landmarks.  

Making it Mine Gallery


150 standing

120 seated

Open Combined Galleries


150 standing

Seating N/A

Event Rental | Venue Space | Events Space

For weddings, the Rooftop Penthouse & Terrace is the most popular choice. Occupying the entire 4th floor, it’s an architecturally intriguing space: an all-glass “room” surrounded by a smooth, slate patio. You can have your ceremony on one side of the patio and host a seated reception on the other, using the glass-enclosed penthouse itself for cocktails and dancing. You’re free to choreograph your celebration any way you like, and no matter where you are, you’ll be cooled by passing breezes and enjoy panoramic vistas of the Hollywood Hills, along with a birds-eye view of Miracle Mile. At night, Los Angeles becomes a sea of glittering lights, lending a romantic sparkle to your evening soirée.

Pavillion & Terrace


300 standing

150 seated (inside)



Q: Do I need to make an appointment to see the venue?

A:  Yes. An appointment is required. The Private Events Department is available Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Evening or weekend appointments can be arranged with advance notice.


Q: Can I place a date on hold?

A:  Yes.  For events occurring in April, May or December you may place a date on complimentary hold for seven (7) calendar days. For all other months the hold is for fourteen (14).  In either case, if the event is not confirmed in the time allotted, the Petersen reserves the right to cancel the hold without notice.


Q:  What is the process once we confirm our event?

A:  Once confirmed you are provided a written proposal via email confirming the material details of your booking (date, time, location/floor, rate and payment terms), etc.

  • You have seven (7) days to review and approve/accept [you may do so electronically]
    • Acceptance will lock-in your date
    • A contract will be automatically generated and sent to you by email for signature [e-signature]
    • Once signed the security deposit along with the 1st payment (by cash, check or charge) is due within seven (7) days
    • The final payment of the remaining balance is due thirty (30) calendar days prior to your event.
  • Equally you have seven (7) days to review and request any material changes to the terms outlined in the proposal. If the changes can be accommodated the process will begin with a revised proposal.


Q:  What is the security deposit?

A:  The security deposit is a sum of money held in trust to ensure the cost of repairs or incidentals that may occur during your event.  100% of the deposit is returned to you within 30 days of your event if there are no such expenses are incurred.


Q:  Who provides food and beverage services?

A:  Exclusive catering provided by the renowned Drago Brothers, Chef Celestino Drago, Calogero Drago, Tanino Drago & Giacomino Drago from one of LA’s most iconic group of restaurants.


Q:  When can I start my event?

A:  The museum is open daily to the public.  All events on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor can start no earlier than 7:00 pm. The 4th Floor is not open to the public; events may begin as early as 9:00 am.


Q:  What is the duration of the event space rental?

A:  All of our event spaces are contracted for five (5) hours of event time, with three (3) hours of set-up.


Q:  When can I or my vendors begin to set-up/load-in for my event?

A:  Set-up/load-in can begin 3 hours before your event start time.  Please note the museum remains open to the public during this time.


Q:  When do I or my vendors have to load-out?

A:  Load-out must be completed the day of the event by 10:00 pm or the following morning no later than 9:00 am.  Any exceptions must be arranged/approved by the Petersen Operations Manager.  Written confirmation of these arrangements is required.


Q:  Security guards and custodial workers are provided for every event. What is their purpose at the events?

A:  The security is not intended for crowd control. Museum security is on duty for the duration of your event to insure the safety of the cars and the venue.  Custodial is intended for clean up before, during, and after the event. They will also empty trash and clean & re-stock the bathrooms during the event.  They do not buss or directly service your event.  Your caterer is responsible for providing adequate staff to service your event refuge.


Q:  How many security guards and custodial are needed for my event?

A:  For the majority of events one (1) guard per 50 guests and one (1) custodian per 75-100 guests is included.  Some events, due to the type of event, guest count and the expanse of the rental will require additional staff at an additional cost. Your sales representative can advise.


Q:  Does the Petersen require liability insurance?

A:  Yes. For all events, a standard $1 M certificate of liability insurance listing Petersen Automotive Museum as additionally insured is required.  If you do not have an insurance broker, we have a preferred agent who can assist you.


Q:  Is parking available?

A:  The Petersen has its own parking garage.  Parking is $12/per entry and is first come-first served.  You may host [prepay] and thereby guarantee parking for your guests at a reduced rate of $10.00 per car. Please inquiry about hosted parking at least 2 months prior to your event. Hosted parking is subject to availability until contracted.


Q:  Is there a noise ordinance?

A:  10:00 pm is the cut-off for all outdoor amplification. Noise ordinance does not apply for indoor event space.


Q:  Can I sell tickets at the door for an event?

A:  No, we do not allow tickets to be sold at the door. All event sales must be done prior to the event.


Q:  Can I use candles?

A:  Candles are not permitted inside the museum. Candles are only permitted outside on the 4th Floor Terrace.


Q:  Can I have animals at my event?

A:  The museum does not allow animals, unless it is a service animal.


Q:  Can we reserve a wedding rehearsal?

A:  Yes. The rehearsal can only be scheduled and confirmed three (3) weeks before the wedding due to other possible bookings. All rehearsals are given 90 minutes.


Q:  Do I need a Wedding/Event Planner?

A:  Yes. It is mandatory to have a wedding/event planner that will be here throughout the entirety of your event.