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Jaguar SS100 | Mel Torme 1937 Jaguar SS100



Formerly owned by Mel Torme

In 1922, William Lyons and his partner William Walmsley began manufacturing stylish sidecars for motorcycles. In 1927, their firm started to produce car bodies under the name of Swallow Coachbuilding Co. By 1931 they were building entire automobiles that used mechanical components primarily from the Standard car. These models were known as Standard Swallows or “SS.”

The name “Jaguar” was first used in 1935 and was chosen because it evoked power, speed and courage. The cars were low-slung and attractive and looked far more expensive than they actually were. Subsequent short-chassis models could reach a then-high top speed of 100 miles per hour, hence the SS100 model designation. This roadster was formerly owned by entertainer Mel Torme and was reportedly one of his all-time favorite vintage cars.