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The new museum features three themed floors. Visitors are encouraged to start their experience on the History floor and work their way down to the Artistry floor. By experiencing the museum in this way, visitors are able to better appreciate the impact and application of the automobile.


From the advent of the wheel through the industrial revolution, humans have focused enormous resources (brain power, man power, and money) on creating efficient modes of transportation.

The advent of the motor-car marks the moment when humans were freed from the restraints of centuries past. People and goods could move freely and independently, free of time-tables and limited only by connective infrastructure. As private ownership of automobiles rose from the 1910’s through the 1930’s, mobility meant prosperity and the pioneering spirit was reawakened.

By the 1960’s the automobile embodied attitude, style, and freedom — especially in California; and in Hollywood, the automobile became one of the world’s most treasured celebrities.


The advent of the internal combustion engine sparked many social, economic, political, and environmental benefits and curses. While the automobile assembly line and new technologies in materials and accessories helped fuel the demand for more cars, the environmental and economic problems that the automobile caused have had a lasting effect on the modern world.

Today’s creative designers, engineers, and social entrepreneurs are developing new automotive technologies that will ensure a more sustainable future at the same time automotive advances fuel growth in our globalized, high-tech economy. The personal stories of the inventors, mechanics, and drivers that have pushed the limits of automotive technology demonstrate tremendous courage, tenacity and opportunity in an ever burgeoning industry.


Inspiration, emotion, exhilaration. These words are used by erudite art critics to describe fine works of art  as often as they are used by creative ad agencies for automobiles. A beautiful automobile can lift your spirit, touch a memory, or ignite a fantastic daydream.

As an object the automobile represents a high functioning aesthetic born in science but connects to us all through the human experience. Like fine painting and sculpture, an automobile’s form can be universally grasped at the intersection of line, color and shape.

Add motion, sound and texture and the automobile becomes an immersive artistic experience akin to attending a musical or theatrical performance.