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Donation Spotlight: Ol’Yaller Mark IX

Words by: Jeremy Malcolm Photos by: TED7 Imagine you’re at a GT race in 1963. The pits are lined with the best track competitors in the world, all of which were built by preeminent experts with no expense spared. Ferrari, Aston Martin,…

Vehicle Spotlight: 1997 Porsche 911 GT1

Words By: Raul Gutierrez Photos By: TED7 The rearing black horse of Stuttgart made its first appearance on the grid at Le Mans in 1951. Two aluminum-bodied 356s entered, but one crashed in practice, while the other finished 20th of…

Donation Spotlight: 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 43 Roadster

Photo courtesy of Jim and Nancy Scharfeld Words By: Jeremy Malcolm   Buffalo, New York based Pierce-Arrow was one of America’s most luxurious marques in the early 20th century. At the time the auto industry was still in its infancy…

Vehicle Spotlight: 1967 Honda N600

Photos By: TED7 Words By: Jeremy Malcolm It’s hard to imagine a time when Hondas didn’t dot American roads, but in 1966 there were no cars from the Japanese manufacturer built for the American market. They realized how important first…

Exhibit Spotlight: 1964 Chevy Impala “Gypsy Rose”

Photos By: Ted7 Words By: Curatorial Department   The venerable lowrider Gypsy Rose checks all the boxes for automotive enthusiasts- it’s beautiful, historic, wonderfully unique, and now, legendary. In April 2017, Gypsy Rose was inducted into the Historic Vehicle Association’s…

Donation Spotlight: Tesla Roadster

Donated By: Brian Kariger Word By: Jeremy Malcolm   Released in 2008 with little fanfare and minimal expectations, the Tesla Roadster was dismissed by many as a novelty. After all, few new car manufacturers in the last half-century had built anything…

Donation Spotlight: Bobby Rahal’s 1998 Reynard 98i

Donated by: Robert "Bobby" Rahal Words by: Jeremy Malcolm

Vehicle Spotlight: 2015 McLaren P1

On loan from a private collection Words by: Raul R. Gutierrez

Vehicle Spotlight: EB110 Super Sport

Featured in the Mullin Family Grand Salon Photos by: Ted7

Donation Spotlight: 1929 Ford Custom Tudor Hot Rod

Donated by: Michael Armand Hammer Photos by: Ted7

1957 Chevrolet “Black Widow”

Donated by: Scott Hawley Photos by: Ted7

From 100 To 220: Jaguar’s Pursuit Of Speed

  Since Jaguar released the F-Type coupe in 2013, the brand has been gaining wider attention in the US. We felt the time was right to provide Petersen visitors with a  glimpse into one of Britain’s most beloved brands and…

The First Ferrari Arrives To The Petersen

Arguably the most famous brand in history, a logo that needs no name, and can quicken the pulse of school children and the elderly alike, all started with a young man meeting an Italian Count flying a 180hp French biplane.…

The Automotive Afterlife – 1935 Mercedes

1935 Mercedes-Benz T290 SWB Cabriolet A |  by Sindelfingen

Ferrari Cruise-In And REV Auto

2017 Ferrari Cruise-In On a rainy morning in February, Ferrari owners flocked to the annual Petersen Enzo Ferrari Birthday Cruise-In. Few people have influenced motorsports and captivated automotive enthusiasts to the degree of “Il Commendatore” Enzo Ferrari. Although the skies…

Cobra’s Daddy: The Story Behind The Corvette Italia

We tend to think of history as fixed and absolute, when in fact, it is dynamic. You may have learned about a piece of history at the surface level only to find out later, this is a simplified version that…