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In May, BMW unveiled the 2002 Hommage Concept car, a design project that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 02 series, the brand that made BMW an international phenomenon. It also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the BMW Group, an event that the auto manufacturer is taking around the world, from Munich to Beijing, London, and Los Angeles.

Keeping in line with BMW’s slogan, “the Ultimate Driving Machine,” the 2002 Hommage is in many ways a response to the advent of autonomous driving, or as Top Gear puts it, “a smack in the face to the future, a carbon-fibre haymaker to remind us that actually, some of us still like to drive now and then.” The concept car bears many design elements from the 1960’s 02 series on its carbon-fiber body, and features gold-tinted headlights for the Gold Anniversary of the series.

BMW’s anniversary pitch, titled “The Next 100 Years,” charts the new path for the BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce brands, as well as honoring a history of technological innovation and responsible business practice. More information on the group’s initiatives on mobility, connectivity, technology, and energy is available on their website here.

To say that BMW’s VISION NEXT 100 models are ambitious would be an understatement. The displays unveiled at their Iconic Impulse Centenary events so far showcase futuristic designs, “smart” materials, autonomous technology that learns about the owner as they drive, and even a shared fleet concept for their Mini line. Only time will tell if all these visions come true and are successful on the road.

The Iconic Impulse will come to the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica from October 12-16, where BMW plans to unveil their new BMW Motorrad model to finish off their VISON NEXT 100 concepts.