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The Petersen Automotive Museum recently opened its largest exhibit presenting the art and history of the Bugatti family- a family made up of furniture designers, sculptors, painters, and automobile engineers. The Art of Bugatti exhibit, presents the surviving pieces of the Bugatti family and the family’s extraordinary story.

The exhibit tells the unique story of a twentieth century family of artists and artisans that were influential across a wide range of disciplines. Stonemason and artisan Giovanni Bugatti was born in 1823. His son Carlo was an audacious and widely admired decorative artist. Carlo’s son Rembrandt was an internationally renowned sculptor. Rembrandt’s brother Ettore was a masterful designer and engineer who founded one of the automobile industry’s most revered marques. Ettore’s son Jean was also an automotive artist; his seductive body designs are among the world’s finest. Jean’s sisters Lydia and L’Ebé became painters and authors. And Ettore’s youngest, Roland, would step in and command the Bugatti marque after the passing of his father and brother.

The goal of the Art of Bugatti exhibit is to merge the world of the automobile with the world of fine art, acknowledging that each vehicle represents an exceptional work of art. The museum presents a family timeline that interlaces the rare vehicles with a treasure of sculptures and paintings. Visitors have the opportunity to observe the works, as well as interact with stations providing family biographies and in detail descriptions of the art.