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Name: Scott of Los Angeles, Ca

Year: 2016

Make: Ford

Model: Shelby GT-H Hertz “Rent-A-Racer”

Tell Us Your Story:

I made friends with a car over the Memorial Day Weekend. It’s the kind of car that makes it easy to get to know and happy to be around. It was really comfortable and seemed to be extremely well-balanced and light on its feet. You know, the kind of car you can maneuver with two fingers and start hearing yourself yelling “Yee-haw” as you step on the gas pedal. She even lights the way with a running pony projected from the mirrors at night.

My friend and I played Tourist together, going on an excursion of some of the best sights in Los Angeles including the Beach, the Mountains and Hollywood. Some of the best stops on our tour were Gladstone’s on the beach, Malibu Canyon and Piuma Road, Petersen Museum on The Miracle Mile, La Brea Tar Pits plus Crossroads of the World, Capitol Records and Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

The only problem was, I had to give up my new friend because she was a rental. As you can see by the photos, it wasn’t just any rental, but a “Rent-A-Racer” from the Adrenalin Collection of Hertz. Only 140 of the new Shelby GT-H’s were built by Shelby American, available starting Memorial Day through 17 Hertz airport locations. The highly modified 2016 Ford GT celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original 1966 Shelby 350H which are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. A 40th anniversary model was released in 2006, with 1000 coupes and 1000 convertibles supplied for the collaboration.

As with the previous Hertz “Racers”, the livery continues to be one of the most familiar in car culture… Gloss black with Gold center and rocker panel stripes. A lot of small reminders of the Hertz and Shelby legacies can be seen around the vehicle in the Hertz plaque , Cobra GT-H emblem, trunk-mounted GT-H logo badge and unique Shelby GT-H embroidered head-rests. But the real giveaway is the Gold Stipe with the big block letters in the rocker panel stating that this is a Shelby GT-H!

In the past, Hertz would install a speed limiter and not allow the traction control to be turned off. Now, however, looking at the row of toggle switches on the lower dashboard, the driver has the ability to choose between Sport and Track drive modes plus different steering levels as well as turning off the traction control. All in all, if someone voided their contract by taking this machine on a track and racing, they would stand a good chance of winning with the settings, 435 horses and 400 ft. pounds of torque.

A lot of people I spoke with were disappointed that the cars all come with automatic transmission, but the technology when in Sport mode and especially in the Track setting gives you much of the same transmission control without having to use your hands and feet… automatic downshifting happens just when you feel like you would be doing it yourself! I was surprised to learn this is a feature on all recent Ford Mustangs, even the V6.

I hope to hang out with my friend again soon.