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Name: Joe of Grand Rapids, MI

Yeah: 1954

Make: Ford

Model: Falcon Sprint

Tell Us Your Story:

We purchased this car in the fall of 2008 after seeing it at the Frankenmuth, Michigan car show.

When I was in high school a friend of mine had purchased a new 64 Falcon (blue two door hard top, bucket seats, and 4-speed) that I really liked. Being in high school I couldn’t afford my dream car. Then going through the usual life routine, Army, college, work, and starting a family, we still couldn’t afford one. Finally when we could afford one, there were not very many to choose from up here in GM country. This search went on for several years until this one came along. This was the perfect car – great color, bucket seats, 4-speed, and it was almost completely done.

When we saw it at the Frankenmuth car show the guy that owned it wasn’t around, so I left him a note saying that if he knew of anyone having a car like this for sale, or if this one was for sale to let me know. I waited several days and didn’t hear anything. Finally, two weeks after the show, on a Friday night, he left a phone message that he might be interested in selling his 64 and gave me a ball park figure on the price. He said he was going up north (typical for Michiganders to do on weekends) and that he wouldn’t be back until Monday. I was so excited all weekend about the car and the price that I couldn’t wait for Monday so I called him Sunday night. We spoke on the phone and made arrangements for me to see the car the next day. The nice thing about it is, I didn’t have to go far to see it; it was in Clio, Michigan (1/2 hour from my home). I spent about 4 hours with the guy and knew that before I left I would own it. Sure enough, the next day my wife and I had a 64 Falcon.