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Name: Joe of Saginaw, MI

Yeah: 1956

Make: Ford

Model: Victoria

Tell Us Your Story:

We have always liked and wanted a 56’ Ford Victoria. We looked for several years to find one that wasn’t very expensive but also not a basket case. Finally at a car show with our 1970 Le Mans Sport (my first new car), some friends gave us a car swap magazine that had several 56’ Fords. We found one that sounded and looked very reasonable in Rhode Island. Of course pictures and descriptions can be very deceiving. I contacted the owner and appeared to be worthwhile to make the trip out there. The owner was great and I spent about ½ a day out there inspecting and researching the cars history. Needless to say I thought about it all the way home, and my wife was disappointed I didn’t buy it, I contacted the owner that evening and came up with a compromise, and the rest is history.

The trip home was an adventure; the trailer blew a wheel bearing, about 270 miles from home on Sunday morning on the turnpike. I told my buddy, lets take the car off the trailer and I would drive it home from there. That was a true test for a car that had been setting for a year In Rhode Island and who knows how long before that in California. The car was a little tight and the brakes pulled a bit, but the more I drove it the better it handled and the brakes quit pulling. We also got a lot of high fives and thumbs up on the express way.

We purchased this car in the fall of 1994. It originally came from California in 1993 in rout to Rhode Island before we brought it to Michigan. We have done several improvements – new paint (exterior, interior, and engine compartment), rebuilt engine. It has as very strong 312 and we drive it everywhere – been to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Toronto for car shows. It has won many trophies.