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Low Rider Blue
Low Rider Blue
low rider blue
Low Rider Caddy
low rider caddy
Low Rider Custom Bikes
low rider custom bikes
Low Rider Custom Chopper
low rider custom chopper
Low Rider Custom
low rider custom
Low Rider Food Truck
low rider food truck
Low Rider Imperial
low rider imperial
Low Rider Paint
low rider paint
Low Rider Petersen
low rider petersen
Low Rider Rose
Low rider rose
Low Rider Vw
low rider vw
Lowrider Exhibit
Lowrider exhibit
Low Rider Blue Low Rider Caddy Low Rider Custom Bikes Low Rider Custom Chopper Low Rider Custom Low Rider Food Truck Low Rider Imperial Low Rider Paint Low Rider Petersen Low Rider Rose Low Rider Vw Lowrider Exhibit

For the past half century, no other automotive movement has been more closely associated with the Latino community than lowriding. While the Petersen Automotive Museum presented an exhibition on lowriding in 2000, gradual changes in the lowriding demographic prompted us to take a second look.

The second display built upon the groundwork laid during the first Petersen Museum lowrider exhibition by using the museum as a neutral venue for breaking down negative stereotypes, presenting cross-cultural sharing and exposing the art of lowriders and the pursuit of lowriding to a larger public. It targeted one of the most elusive museum audience populations: adolescent male youth.