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Back Wall HiRes Delahaye And Delage HiRes Exhibit Left To Right Front Horizontal HiRes Gallery Left HiRes Gallery Right HiRes Glass Case HiRes Item 27 And Right Corner HiRes Left Rear Corner HiRes Main Gallery Image HiRes Title Graphic Items 25 26 HiRes Vogue Magazines 1 HiRes

More attention has been devoted to the design of apparel and automobiles than to any other objects. To celebrate this important link, Automotivated: Streamlined Fashion and Automobiles reaches from the early 1900s to the height of the Art Deco era to examine the automobile’s influence on fashion, fashion’s influence on the automobile, and the joint and unexpected influences between both. Cars ranging from a 1913 Mercer Raceabout to a 1938 Delahaye are displayed with complementary clothing styles of the era to illustrate how each discipline has been shaped by ongoing innovation, changing tastes, and evolving trends. Together, they reveal how style-conscious individuals embraced cars as fashion accessories and how they ultimately came to consider their vehicles to be additional layers of clothing that were as essential to proclaiming their financial and social status as their hats, gowns and jewels.