1950 AMBR Niekamp
1950 AMBR Niekamp
1963 AMBR XR6 2000 AMBR 0032
1967 68 AMBR Invader 1969 AMBR Alien
1980 AMBR John Corno
1988 AMBR Orange Twist
1989 91 AMBR Golden Star
1994 AMBR Infiniti Flyer
2008 AMBR Undisputed
AMBR Exhibit
1950 AMBR Niekamp 1963 AMBR XR6 2000 AMBR 0032 1967 68 AMBR Invader 1969 AMBR Alien 1980 AMBR John Corno 1988 AMBR Orange Twist 1989 91 AMBR Golden Star 1994 AMBR Infiniti Flyer 2008 AMBR Undisputed AMBR Exhibit

Several past AMBR winners are in the museum’s permanent collection, including the first America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, Bill Niekamp’s 1929 Ford that won the award in 1950. Other highlights include Ermie Immerso’s “Golden Star” Track-T, and his “Orange Twist” 1932 Ford. The two cars netted 3 AMBR wins for Immerso in 1988, ’89, an ’91. Tex Smith’s 1963 winner and Hot Rod Magazine project “XR-6”, Bob Riesner’s twin-engine 1967 and 1968 winner called, “Invader”, and the Chip Foose –designed “0032” which won in 2000 are all on display. These roadsters join many other past AMBR winners in the Bruce Meyer Gallery at The Petersen for a rare display of hot rodding’s history. See how styles and build techniques have changed over the years and how the quality and detail of these roadsters increases to new levels of perfection every year.