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The Petersen Automotive Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution that serves a diverse demographic of visitors through its exhibitions and public education programs, from auto enthusiasts to under-served students from Los Angeles County schools. An individual or corporate donation to the Museum enables the Petersen to continue its work serving the Los Angeles community. The Museum also accepts vehicle donations in the form of a tax-deductible donation or loan. Every gift counts. Monetary or Vehicle tax-deductible contributions to the Museum fund some of our greatest needs from securing the preservation of rare vehicles, to providing general operating support, or to extending the reach of our educational initiatives to under-served communities.

We truly appreciate the generosity of our donors in sustaining the Petersen Automotive Museum as a leading unique cultural and educational institution.For more information about monetary donations and pledges, please contact Alexia Cornett at (323) 964-6353, or email [email protected]



As car enthusiasts, it’s our responsibility to continue the passion that inspired us to fall in love with the automobile. What was your first automotive experience? Everyone remembers it, and for enthusiasts it’s what excited us to begin collecting. Help fuel the next generation with your car by donating it to the Petersen. By donating your vehicle, you are contributing to the thousands of stories told in the museum that represent the passion for the automobile.


Babcock was a New York-based carriage manufacturer for 60 years until they started producing automobiles in 1908. They manufactured cars until the First World War, when they switched to the manufacture of ambulance bodies.

Donation Stories

For more information about how to donate vehicles, or other automobile or motorcycle–related items, please contact Mary Brisson at (323) 964-6396, or email [email protected]Contributions help make possible the Museum’s educational programs and the care, study, and exhibition of our collection.